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Harmonograph in JavaScript

Distance between pendulums d = mm
Position of paper centre c = mm
Length of pen arm p = mm
Position of pen arm q = mm
Radius of paper r = mm
Amplitude of left pendulum A = °
Amplitude of right pendulum B = °
Phase of left pendulum u = (0…1)
Phase of right pendulum v = (0…1)
Damping of left pendulum R = (0…)
Damping of right pendulum S = (0…)
Frequency of left pendulum f = Hz
Frequency of right pendulum g = Hz
Frequency of paper rotation h = Hz
Pen thickness w = mm
This harmonograph simulator uses the HTML5 canvas element. You need a recent browser to view it, for example, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera.
Output image size: pixels
Use B├ęzier curves
Use single cubic curve for segments

Time speedup factor: